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Greetings and welcome to our wedding journey. That's right, we're getting hitched in 2017 and what better way to celebrate that milestone than to blog about the journey? Well, some of us think there are much better ways, but here we are nonetheless. (Get used to it G!)

In all seriousness, we are here to share our preparations to walk down the aisle with all of you because we are pretty sure some, if not all of you, have been in our shoes before. We started dating, fell in love, got busy at work, got comfortable and now don't really like the guy at Boston Store or the measurements he came up with for the wedding suit or the way it sometimes physically hurts to run up a flight of stairs with the work bag in tow. So we are here to do something about it and share the journey - good, bad, happy, sad!

The guy on the right is G. He is a police officer who spends most of his day riding around in a car. It is the nature of the job, seriously, read this. He's a pretty happy-go-lucky guy who is rarely phased by much. He loves to quote movies, hunt, scream at the TV during Packer or Wisconsin games, beat me in all card games and absolutely loves spending time with his daughter.

The gal on the left is A. She works long hours for a non-profit doing government stuff and she is often traveling. She sits a lot - behind her computer, on a plane or in the car. She is not laid back and can get a bit cra... I mean passionate. "Annie's a very passionate person. And passionate people tend to overreact at times. She comes from a long line of major..." She loves her job and spending her free time working to help others. She thinks shopping is a sport and one day aspires to win a gold medal in returning. Her biggest downfall is that she is a Bears fan.

Ok, that's enough out if him. We are here to Get HIITched and take you with us on the journey. We are participating in bodyfuel inc's Get HIITched program to look and more importantly feel better for the big day. Follow along with us here or join the program and take your own journey! Don't worry, this won't be all workouts all the time. Planning a wedding is stressful and can be a full time job - and we already have those and then some. We are excited to share our next 256 days with you! (Why does Wedding Wire have a countdown clock like it's doomsday? Don't answer that G)

#wedding #workout #HIIT #love

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