personal training

Ever thought personal training was a one size fits all or cookie-cutter program? It is not. That’s why bodyfuel inc. provides a customized training program for each client.

Personal training is right for everybody - no matter how active or sedentary your current lifestyle or what your fitness goals may be. Let us help you fuel up to achieve your best self. Our personal trainers will motivate you and provide structure to your fitness program.


We offer three different private studio personal training options designed to meet your fitness and financial goals:


  • Individual Personal Training

  • Partner Training

  • Small Group Training, 3-4 people


Whether you are new to exercise or looking to jump start a mundane fitness routine, everybody will benefit from bodyfuel inc.’s vast knowledge and experience. We have worked with countless clients that range from children through senior citizens, as well as division one collegiate and professional athletes.


We will provide you with your very own customized training program. Look good and feel great!


Private studio personal training gives you and your trainer immediate access to top notch equipment, flexible scheduling and hours of operation, as well as takes you away from the distractions that come at the crowded health clubs.


Personal training in our environment guarantees complete efficiency of your time and maximum results. Your customized training program will be designed around your specific strength training needs and physical abilities. You won't be afraid to attempt an exercise you normally wouldn't do or go for a personal best.

Are you ready to get moving? Contact us today for our private studio training options and a fitness consultation today.

Like being social? We understand that too. Check out one of our many class options here.