get HIITched program

When you play together, you stay together!

Get read for the BIG DAY together with our Get HIITched Program designed to blast fat, lose weight and increase muscle tone. Look and feel your absolute best for your big day.

There are two Get HIITched Program and pricing options. Each includes access to all of our class schedule and includes a nutrition guide to help get you looking and feeling your best for the big day. Explore our packages here. Packages begin every Monday.

6-Week Program

3 session per week; 18-total

$225 per person

13-Week Program

3 sessions per week; 39 total

$475 per person

$789 per couple

* Free t-shirt with 13-week program committment

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The Get HIITched Program is the most efficient way to get fit for your wedding day, your friend's big day, anniversary, beach vacation, etc. Combinations of strength movements, cardiovascular exercise and core work will maximize fat burn, resulting in weight loss and an increase in muscle tone. Build a healthier heart and your loved one will have a happier heart. Look and feel your best for big occasion, whatever it is.

Exercise together now, stay fit together forever!