eric gramza, cscs

With more than 15 years of experience and extensive education and professional certification, Eric founded Fuel Up. GO! in 2007 because he believes in the diversity of a well-rounded lifestyle. He wanted to pass his knowledge on to his clients to help them reach their fitness goals while also being able to handle the obstacles that life throws at them.


Because Eric lives a diverse and active lifestyle incorporating cycling, roller blading, kickboxing, and strength training, into his own fitness routine, he brings a well-rounded perspective and expertise to his clients. He strives to help his clients understand that living a diverse and active lifestyle, adding different activities into their exercise programs, helps them fuel their life. Eric believes everyone is an athlete in everyday life. From cleaning your house, to yard work, to activities with children & even shoveling snow, all of those movements have an athletic component to them.


Eric trains clients from all wellness backgrounds - high school athletes, husbands and wives, those in their 50s/60s and clients that may have special needs from as simple a ligament sprain to someone with a more complex long-term condition.


Eric also has extensive experience in strength and conditioning for athletes. As the intern strength and conditioning coach for the NBA’s Orlando Magic for the 2003-04 season, Eric worked closely with Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill and Juwan Howard, overseeing their daily strength training. He also worked to administer sport-specific conditioning for players who did not play game minutes.  Eric also served as a graduate assistant on the strength and conditioning staff at Florida State University. He was the women’s volleyball strength and conditioning coach for the 2004/2005 seasons and was responsible for assisting with the implementation of the strength and conditioning program for the football team, which included the development of the daily dynamic warm-up and core strength.  Eric’s experience at the collegiate and professional level distinguishes him as a true expert in training athletes to their fullest potential.

Eric Gramza, CSCS